Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In Search of...some summer fare

While Sarah Palin is busy "refudiating," and Tony Hayward is able to get back to his life and his yacht once and for all, and the Clintons are getting ready for Chelsea's wedding this coming weekend (which, oddly enough, I have not been invited to), I have been partaking of some summer fare.

In the past I have looked forward to the summer months as a time when I turn off the TV for a while and actually catch up on some reading. Unfortunately, some wise TV executives must have caught on to my pattern, and decided to tempt me to replace my beach reading with some new and returning favorites shows. Their temptations have worked like a charm, and my vocabulary is atrophying as I type this.

My hat is off to the USA and TNT networks for completely replacing my need for mainstream network television. As if the return of The Closer, Psych, and Royal Pains wasn't enough, I have now added Rizzoli and Isles, Memphis Beat, and Covert Affairs to my steady menu. Yes, I enjoy watching strong women solve crimes and spy on foreign adversaries, not to mention cops who sing the blues at night in local bars. And that one has George Clooney as an executive producer, so why not check it out?!

My summer shows are light and fluffy. They transport me from my worries for a while, and sometimes they make me laugh. I find those things both appealing and a worthy reason to watch.

The summer season is short, and this year it's been hot...too hot to do anything but cool off with a little escape. I hope you stay cool and enjoy the remainder of the season. Thanks for stopping by.

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