Thursday, May 9, 2013

a Post-Show Blog - Part 2

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and to tell you the truth, I'm hoping that's the case because the video footage of the show had some beautiful shots...of the waiter walking directly in front of the camera on all but two songs. 

So after my slight meltdown about the footage that will never be seen on YouTube of last week's show, I set about hunting down stills that anyone might have taken that night. Fortunately, there were some good samaritans with cell phones and cameras in the audience. God bless them all. And by all, I mean Scott Levy, Enid Blount Press, Michele Jaffe Stork, and Carolyn Messina!

So for those of you who missed it as well as those who'd like some "misty, water-colored memories of the way we were," here's my walk down memory lane of a very special evening making music with my friends. And again, my heartfelt gratitude to Garry Novikoff, BethAnne Clayton, Tanya Leah, & Lorraine Ferro.

Backstage before the show L-R: Tanya, Lorraine, Ilene, Beth & Garry in front

The ensemble takes to the stage!

Me, opening with a brand new song

Tanya gracing us with the happy Ukulele

Garry, my fellow lefty Leo

BethAnne, rockin' the beautiful, bluesy stuff

Singing Goddess, Lorraine...I don't even need the audio with this picture!

The friends singing our encore "You've Got a Friend"

Garry and Ilene sporting the closed-eyes and open-mouths singing look

Post-show jubilation!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the post-show fun with me! Please tell your friends...and come on out to my next gig on May 19th where I'll be part of the Music at the Mansion concert series in New Jersey!

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