Saturday, April 4, 2009

In Search of...a smooth landing

So my day off found me flying to New York...home, sweet home (sorry Nashville, but I fear that will always be the case). And one of the many things I decided on my flight was that Sunday will officially be "politics day" on my blog. I figure I'm already off to a good start, given the past two consecutive Sundays' entries, so why not keep a good thing going? Besides, Sunday is the day George Stephanopoulos is on TV, so why not make it official? So I am. And here we are.

Another thought I had while winging my way to the Big Apple is that it is entirely possible that I could have landed the plane better than the pilot did. Granted I'm alive, and that's not something to be taken lightly. The group of high school students on a field trip put their hands up in the air and made "whoa" shouts like we were on an amusement part roller coaster ride. I believe I left my stomach somewhere over Queens, and as we flew low enough for me to get a few license plate numbers off the cars below and yet still nearly overshoot the runway, I just prayed that we'd land in one piece and that it would be over soon.

...which seems to be a horribly good analogy to what's going on in the world right now. For those of you who don't watch George Stephanopoulos as religiously as I do each Sunday, here's the recap. North Korea and Iran are still racing to develop nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them, Muslim women in Afghanistan and Pakistan are getting beaten to a pulp (per their "religion"), there is still little aid getting into the genocide riddled Sudan, and pretty much the entire world's economy is in the crapper.

On a lighter note, the Obama's looked spectacular on their first European trip as President and First Lady.

Appearances aside, I still have faith that somehow we're going to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps, though by that time it's entirely possible that the polar ice caps will have melted and we'll all be toast (literally).

So I guess, like my flight experience yesterday, I'm praying that we get there in one piece, if not smoothly. I'm hoping that all the respective pilots know what they're doing and that we world citizens can be as optimistic as the high schoolers on the field trip were that everything will turn out fine.

Do I have any crumb of tangible evidence on which to base this faith? Well, kind of. We've managed to survive a couple of world wars and the Bubonic Plague as a race, so I'm thinking that we've got a shot at this...but better brace yourself. It may not be a smooth landing.

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