Thursday, November 22, 2018

the giving of thanks

Gratitude feels like a buzzword to me lately, much like “thoughts and prayers” – devoid of some of its earlier meaning due to overuse and being under-actualized. So I’m going to spend some time today thinking about all the people in my life, giving thanks, and staying present to the wonder and beauty that is this life I’ve been given.

The other day I was in a doctor’s office with my father, and there was a lady in the waiting room in a wheelchair with oxygen. She was alone, and couldn’t stop sobbing and saying, “My family doesn’t care about me. No one cares about me.”

I couldn’t help but weep for and with her, though that solved nothing. And I also couldn’t help but think about how many people were exactly like her, with no one to give a damn.

It is an awful moment in our shared humanity when “you do you” has replaced “how can I be of service.” It is a time of phenomenal technological interconnectedness and yet, epidemic isolation and loneliness.

So in the midst of my own turkey day, I am sending up a prayer for every single person left alone and feeling unloved or unwanted.

I’m also sending out some gratitude for the creature comforts and working appliances I enjoy. Wait, what???

For the past few years, every holiday has brought with it something ceasing to accomplish its designated duties. Two years ago, it was the oven breaking on Thanksgiving, last year this time, the hot water tank broke and flooded the basement, which is not to be confused with this past 4th of July, when we had a real whopper of a flood, or the Memorial Day heat wave, when the air conditioner broke.

If I was the superstitious kind, I would steer clear of holidays and pull the covers over my head, but instead, I just keep checking the basement for water and move on with my day. So far, so good, by the way.

Traditionally, I conclude my Thanksgiving blog with a random list of whatever pops into my little noggin that I am thankful for, but before I do that, I want to make sure to specifically let you know that if you are reading this, I appreciate you and am very thankful you are here right now.

I am thankful for…

…my family, near and far
…warm clothes on cold days
…seeing dreams to fruition
…mercy and compassion
…the ideals of freedom and democracy
…living another year
…words that inspire and empower
…my hair colorist (priorities!)
…friends that are family to me
…theater, musical and otherwise
…having the ability to change, and then actually doing it
…sunsets that take my breath away
…angels in human form
…those who have passed, but remain in my heart
…love, in every way it shows up
…lessons learned and new adventures
…time spent both in contemplation and conversation
…having more than enough
…football (totally kidding! I was just seeing if you read this far)
…the courage to manifest my greatest desires
...enough wisdom to be grateful

May your Thanksgiving be one of love, fellowship, and more than enough. Thanks for stopping by and spending part of your day with me.