Tuesday, December 31, 2019

...sweet remembering

Usually, the prospect of a new year has me brimming with anticipation. I’ve got goals, if not resolutions, things I want to accomplish, and this whole counting down thing is like revving the engine before the big race begins.

This year feels nothing like that. And sure, it could be because I’ve had food poisoning or a stomach flu or some such thing for the past few days, but I think it’s really about the place I find myself now.

I’ve got less invested in a set of specific goals than I do in the goal of simply being happy. I am more interested in the depth of my relationships with people than I am most other things.

It’s not that I don’t want to lose 30 pounds and purchase a new car. I do. But I know that the value of those things depreciates, but the value of true happiness and human connection only appreciates.

So for me, I intend for 2020 to be the year I release old limiting beliefs and all attachment to how things should look or play out.

I intend for 2020 to be the year I trust that the Universe has a way better and more fun way for stuff to manifest than I do, so why not let it have its way and enjoy the ride.

I intend to savor the moments, the love, the connections that make life sweet and memories indelible.

I intend to up my game – as an artist, writer, and human.

I intend to read more, move more, and struggle less.

I intend to live in gratitude for every day and every breath.

So as we enter this New Year, thank you for being here and spending some of your own precious time with me. It is appreciated more than you know.

I wish for you a year of fantastic health, passion, and purpose.

Peace and blessings,


P.S. Here’s a song to toast in the New Year….