Friday, October 30, 2009

In Search answer to the vaccination dilemma

So it's been weeks since I've blogged, and here I sit, where I've sat for days - on the couch and sick, pondering the topics of the day. Oh heck, let's talk about healthcare - a great topic to broach when you've been laid up for a week feeling like death.

My bout with whatever it is I have was preceded by both a flu and pneumonia vaccine , and while I can't say definitively if they played any role in my current state of unwellness, or if it was the fact that I flew a couple of days after receiving them and just happened to pick something up, I am inclined not to believe in coincidences - especially ones timed so judiciously. Plus, since I can't remember being this sick for this length of time ever before in my life, I can't help but think that I was aided in this accomplishment - perhaps by injecting questionable supposedly dead viruses directly into my arms .

So if you're out there being tempted to succumb to the media and government instilled hype about the potential deadly ramifications of not getting vaccinated, I'd suggest you think again. Ask yourself who profits. I'll tell you who - the drug companies. And you know what else? They lobby politicians with large sums of money. And the media? They want ratings and nothing gets ratings like a pandemic.

So I say to anyone reading this - eat extra fruits and veggies, get plenty of rest, exercise regularly and then take your chances. That's solely my opinion. Me, a regular gal who's not a medical professional, but has made the mistake of seeing one.

Now back to our regularly scheduled discussion of healthcare reform. It always makes me nervous when congress seems pleased with itself. While I don't doubt that they are working feverishly to pass some sort of healthcare reform, I do doubt that our best interests are their first priority. I doubt that they will be able to control let alone enforce legislation forcing insurance companies to cut or cap premiums. or denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. It sounds nice, but if they raise premiums, then I join the uninsured. Good thing they'll see to it that there's a viable public option. Oh wait, we still don't know that for certain, do we?

I would like to believe that creating a system that sees to the welfare of all its citizens equally would be the top concern of the representatives we elected to safeguard the constitution of our great country. However, I would also like to believe that Santa comes down my chimney and that some day I will be a size six again. So to ensure a greater likelihood of the former, I'd say we should continue making it clear to our representatives, particularly the democrats, that they will not get re-elected by us if they do not pass something that legitimately reigns in the insurance companies and gives all of us coverage. Call it socialism, call it democracy, call it whatever you want, just get it done.

Time for more tea and Oprah.

Thanks for stopping by...and stay well.

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