Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Search of...proof that the world is ending

As the holiday season fast approaches and I resume blogging more consistently (hopefully), it occurs to me that I ought to catch up on all the politics that I've missed talking about so I can be free from all the bottled up vitriol and enjoy this festive time of year.

I think what transpired politically over the weeks I wasn't blogging can best be summed up as this - nothing. Oh yes, Congress is still doing the healthcare reform polka, this time officially in both the House and the tune of about four thousand pages collectively. What is in these four thousand pages? God only knows. I do know, however, that I could sum up what we should have in a page and a half at most, depending on the font size.

Here, I'll give you an example:

Hereafter the date of this bill it will be illegal for any insurance company to deny claims or coverage to any already existing customer or to drop them altogether. In addition, no applicant can be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions, and premiums increases must be capped at no more than 10% of the initial policy rate every two years. (These numbers are completely arbitrary, but you get the idea.)

In addition, every American will be entitled to Medicare for All, both the currently uninsured as well as anyone who is not happy with their existing insurance policy.

Prescription drugs will be covered for everyone with the same co-pay across the board for all citizens of $10, regardless of whether it is considered generic or a brand name drug. (And again, there will be penalties for those who do not comply.)

All of this will be paid for by ending at least one war in the middle east.

Lookey there, I did it in less than a page in a normal font size!!!

So I bet by now you're wondering what new proof I found that the world was ending. If melting ice caps, tsunamis and wildfires weren't enough to suffice, try this. I agree with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on something.

I know, I know, I was shocked too. It was right after the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (whoever they might be) recommended that women under 50 do not get yearly mammograms. In fact they recommend that they get no mammograms before the age of 50 and even then only every two years.

If it is possible for me to have steam coming out of my ears, then suffice it to say that I did...along with some healthy screaming at the top of my lungs. But I was not the only one. I happened to turn on The View one day and there was sweet little republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck with her own steam spewing forth. That's when I knew for sure that the world was coming to an end.

Both Elisabeth and I share something in common. We have mothers who had breast cancer in their forties. So there it was - cancer- the great equalizer. Now I could go on and on (and believe me, I have) about how this is a sure fire death sentence for women and a step backward in healthcare and human rights. I could tell you that it is reckless and cruel and ultimately about nothing more than saving money, but you, dear readers, undoubtedly know all that already. And I'm sure you also know that we would never be having this discussion about male prostate exams and PSA screenings.

So kudos to Elisabeth for being vocal and outraged. I am too. It's not okay to sacrifice women's lives when we know and have already done better than that.

If the Mayans are right and the world is ending in 2012, then this will all be over soon enough and Elisabeth Hasselbeck and I will sip tea in heaven...where there are no political parties. As for the people on this task force, I'm pretty sure they're going to that other place.

Okay, I'm done now. I can go be festive. Thanks for stopping by and please tell your friends.

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