Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Search of...a friendship blog

I've been overwhelmed lately, and not just by life. I've been overwhelmed by something a lot of us take for granted - friendship.

Yes, I receive those chain emails attempting to remind me, albeit annoyingly, that I am thought of and loved, but it is not an email that has reminded me lately. It has been phone calls, and dinners, and conversations that have quickly gotten past the superficial to the deep and complex. It's been people offering counsel, humor, homemade chili, and yes, a hug that have recently overwhelmed me. It's been a former co-worker's call just to check in and see how life has been going for me, and the barrage of so much of that in such a short span of time that I can't help but be secure in the knowledge that friendship is one thing of value that cannot be taken away from me no matter what else ever can be. We take for granted the value of such gestures, or at least I did.

So maybe this is self indulgent, or maybe it is generous, but whichever it is, I am sending this out to all my friends - past, present, and future who lift me up and make my life a beautiful journey. Thank you for being my friend. You are cherished and oh so loved.

To those of you reading this whom I do not personally know but have stopped by, I value you too...more than you know.


  1. hope you enjoyed the chili!!!

  2. Okay, now I feel pressured to outdo the chili--I'm baking you a turkey next time you're in town! Seriously, that was a lovely blog. Thank YOU.


  3. WHEN are you coming to NY?

  4. In order of the comments: YES I enjoyed the chili! I just finished it and now I'm wondering who else will cook something for me...which brings me to LB - looking forward to that turkey! And Richard, I think I'll be in NY the end of March/beginning of April. As for the big move, who knows? Probably by September.

  5. Ok, I'm making my meatloaf for you. How will that ship? Thank YOU Ilene :-)

  6. Wow, your meatloaf? Never mind shipping, I'm coming to you!!