Friday, June 11, 2010

In Search and diversions

I received an email last night that contained a link to a YouTube video by a man who says he knows a solution for safely cleaning up the oil spill. It seemed plausible to me, although at one in the morning after surviving an evening of CMT Music Fest and a delicous glass of cheap Port, many things seem plausible to me.

The solution on the video was unleashing some particular microbes that eat oil and then die, leaving the ocean clean and safe for its natural inhabitants. Part of me thinks this sounds too good to be true, but then again, all we've got so far is putting a cap on the gusher, which has neither worked nor addressed the issue of clean up. So maybe it's not so crazy. Anyway, I'm putting it out there, in case any of you readers have thoughts on it or the ability to follow up on its veracity. Here's the link:

So now to the other topic of the day - diversions. I am having a hard time finding an actual one these days, one that will take my mind off the pending doom caused by the oil spill and the greed in general that has brought us to the tipping point economically, environmentally, and every other which way. Most people can amuse themselves with sporting events like the World Cup, which according to ABC News, more than a billion people worldwide will be watching. I will not be one of them.

The mass hysteria of team sporting events has always been somewhat of an enigma to me. When I see people get genuinely riled up about this team or that player, I find myself wondering, "Will that player pay your mortgage this month?" Or most recently, "Will the winning soccer team go scoop up some oil?" Because otherwise, I truly don't care.

So how do I take a mental break from the stresses of our current world? Clearly I won't be watching soccer. Maybe a movie. Let's see, oh for goodness sake The Karate Kid? Really? I believe that falls under the category of "don't mess with perfection." I don't want to watch a remake of it and spoil my perfect memories of Ralph Macchio. Then there's The A-Team. Again, really? How about Robin Hood? Is there anything that's not a remake?? Or a sequel? We've got Shrek Forever After, Sex in the City 2, Iron Man 2...oh, come on!!!

Maybe I'll go for a nice bike ride. Oh wait, I don't own a bicycle. Darn. Well, I'm determined to find something fun to do that will give me a short mental break from the trials of the real world.

Suggestions anyone???? Thanks for stopping by...and enjoy the soccer, you team sports fans.


  1. First, amen, sistah on the Karate Kid. That was OUR movie. It will always be OUR movie. Still love it.

    Second, sports are no different from any other form of entertainment. No, they don't pay your mortgage. But neiter do movies or music. People watch sports because it's fun and exciting, and for a few hours you can escape your problems. As for baseball, being a former baseball fan, there's nothing like the smell of grass in a baseball stadium, the sun on your face, a cold drink in your hand, and your team beating the stuffing out of your rivals.

    Third, I learned yesterday that apparently Kevin Costner financed some contraption that apparently could help stop the oil spill, but no one is taking him seriously.

    Fourth, I have some great ideas for original movies if you want to hook me up with your buddy Garry. ;)

  2. First, yay Kevin Costner. Second, point taken for sports being entertainment. As for the baseball, of which I'm still a Yankee fan, contrary to my anti-team sporting commentary, weren't you sitting near me at the Yankee game we went to in junior high when the guy behind us spilled his beer all over me? That was the last Yankee game I went to. Scarred for life at twelve years old!

  3. Oh my gosh, I think I DO remember that! Yeah, that can turn anyone off. (BTW, that happened to me at a Springsteen concert, and my sister Debbie turned around and yelled, "Nobody spills beer on MY baby sister!" Classic.) But that's all part of the American sports experience!