Monday, September 27, 2010

In Search season

I know, I know. I've been absent from blogging for over a month, so am I really going to blog about football? Not a chance. I couldn't care less...except for any of the players that have made their way onto Dancing with the Stars. Yes, a new television season is upon us, and frankly, that's the more appealing spectator sport to me.

I've been enticed by the promos for weeks, so as I eagerly set my DVR to record practically every new show, I was hoping not to like most of them, lest my brain turn to complete mush as I never read a book again. So far my wishes have been granted. I've been anything but enthralled by the new stuff I've seen, with the exception of Detroit 1-8-7, the new show where Michael Imperioli plays yet another cop. (I'm really thinking he should broaden his range. This is the 3rd cop in a row that he's played, and that's without me even thinking too hard about it.)

So Law & Order is moving to LA. I am preemptively cranky. Practically every friend I have in NY has appeared in some episode of Law & Order. It's been good for employment. Besides, I like the snide remarks. And I was almost able to forget that Jeremy Sisto (Lupes in the last incarnation of the cast) was in the movie Clueless. And I liked that Detective Green sang and danced his way into my heart in Rent before donning his badge. I want my New York Law & Order back. That's all I'm saying.

Then there's Outlaw. Now, I love me my Jimmy Smits. Always have. But even I, yes I have to wonder what herbs were being puffed upon when they decided to make a show about a Supreme Court Justice leaving the highest court in the land so he could go back to being a lawyer and defending the little guy. I give it seven episodes - tops. Would someone please come up with something good for Jimmy?

Okay, so here's all I'm going to say about Dancing this season. Jennifer Grey. I'm voting Jenn all the way. Nobody puts Baby in a corner...and nobody votes Jenn of the show - at least if I have anything to say about it. I say we give her the mirror ball trophy now, and save ourselves some time.

And for the love of all things sacred, can someone please write a sitcom I can watch? I just can't take it anymore. Oh Ray, Ray Romano, why did you have to become a certain age and get all serious on me? I want a laugh. Well, I guess there's always the Tea Party for that...although, I'm kind of too horrified amid my amusement.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I've dusted the old blog-writing cobwebs off now, and can resume my outrage...oops, I mean my humorous take on the world. Please tell your friends

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