Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Search of...a dangerous despot with his own TV show

The Donald is running for President of the United States...or maybe he's not...or he hasn't decided yet, but he might decide in time to announce it on the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. Whew, it just makes your head spin, doesn't it? I know I'm waiting with baited breath.

So in an interview that aired on Good Morning America today, George Stephanopoulos spoke with Donald Trump, our maybe yes/maybe no Republican candidate for President in 2012. On the list of things I do not like about Donald Trump, of which there are many, this interview spotlighted the most glaring. No, it was not his stunning lack of humility, his arrogance, his contempt for anyone who is not, say, him; it was his blatant nastiness and just plain rudeness.

Okay, so it will come as no big surprise that I will not be too pleased with anyone who is outright mean to George Stephanopoulos, but my own personal bias aside, what does it say about the man when he is that way on camera, when one would think he'd choose to be on his best behavior? And how on earth would he behave in a closed door meeting with foreign dignitaries? I can tell you that nothing will unite the rest of the world against us as quickly as Donald Trump being the spokesperson for the United States of America.

While trying to be open-minded, I have to say that he says some things that are not without merit - like questioning why we still have so many troops in South Korea when even the TV show about the war ended nearly thirty years ago. (Okay, so mine is the television reference, but still...), Lest you think I would actually give credence to even what seems like it might be Trump's temporary rational thinking, The Donald then says something so radical - like we should just take all the oil in Iraq for ourselves as the spoils of war - or we should threaten OPEC - and then I realize that he's just a crazy despot in the guise of someone who wants what's best for our country.

And what of his professed love of country? Every time he says "I love this country," there is just not an ounce of anything in me that believes him. I kind of feel bad about that and have asked myself why. Let's examine that for a moment, shall we?

Here's the self-professed successful business genius who loves the United States so much he is thinking of running it. This is a man who was sent to a military academy and then never served in the military. He loves this country so much, are all the materials that his buildings are constructed with made in the USA? What about the fixtures and amenities that fill them? He's been married three times, so he can obviously commit - again and again and again, but what does that say about the veracity of his word? What does it say about his ability to see relationships through, even in tough times? Rest assured, if you're running this country, there will be tough times. And what of his discernment in his choices? We can talk about running this country as a business, but business is done with people, and how you relate to them matters.

What does Donald Trump understand of povety, of the fear that comes with not knowing how you will be able to put food on the table? What does he know of the soles of his shoes being worn and a failing public school system that he is not the product of? What experiences in his life have given him the compassion to run this country? And if he is willing to be rude and nasty to George Stephanopoulos, a respected journalist, on TV, then how do you think he will be toward you and me? Do you think he actually cares about you and me...or is being President just a new level of power that he has yet to achieve so the prospect is appealing to him?

I present this to you because I think that once we're all done snickering at the prospect of Donald Trump running for President, we should be very, very nervous that he actually will. I think that no matter what his motivation or purity of intentions are or are not, he poses a very serious threat to our well being and security as a nation. He can prance about with his birth certificate all he wants to; I prefer to see what he's done to benefit anyone other than himself. I say that, of course, with all the love in my heart.

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