Saturday, August 27, 2011

In Search pre-hurricane blog

I've driven through a blizzard, survived the floods of Nashville a little over a year ago, and now am awaiting a hurricane's arrival in New York. At some point you really do have to start believing that whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Well, that and life's too short to give up potato chips entirely. (A friend of mine had the good sense to buy the double-stuffed Oreos in case we're doomed to the hereafter. I had no such foresight.)

The candles are ready, the flashlights have batteries, the cupboards are stocked and now we wait. While waiting, I thought it a good time to mention how much I appreciate my relatives and friends in other parts of the country checking in. There is some kind of comfort in knowing you have the prayers of others on your side. I don't take that lightly. Nor do I take for granted the many people my life is so blessed to have in it. All this waiting seems a good time to give thanks for the vast amount of goodness I have known.

I was thinking I should probably use this down time to be productive and clean out a closet or something. Then I thought, if this is the big one, do I really want my last time on earth to be spent cleaning a closet? These are the things that run through your mind, at least mine, anyway. So I'm going to read for a while, I think. I've got stacks of books and Oprah magazines just begging to be read so my life can improve. Ah yes, that seems optimistic - I'll throw myself into self improvement. Oh, how I wish I had those Oreos instead.

To all my fellow east coasters - Godspeed and stay safe. To the rest of you out there - many thanks  for your good thoughts. I'm feeling the love.

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