Monday, September 19, 2011

In Search of...the best line of the night

I had my acceptance speech all ready. I've had a lifetime to tweak it, after all. This year I wasn't even eating junk food while watching. At least that was an improvement. But alas, the Emmys came and went without so much as a nod in my direction at home. Not that my category is televised, anyway (Best Original Song).

This year's Emmy Awards were hosted by Jane Lynch, a woman who radiates joy at all times, a feat I do not myself possess the means to carry out. Sure there were the awkward moments, the Ricky Gervais, the Charlie Sheen, the Ashton Kutcher looking more like an ax murderer than a TV star moments. But all in all, this year's Emmys were uneventful.

You'll be happy to know that, minus the scandalous events, I have found the one line that got me, grabbed me, made me wish I'd thought of it myself, and made me swear I'll use it when my time comes in the land of stars. Yes, it was Margo Martindale, a woman whose name I don't know and whom I've never seen before. She wasn't the youngest or the skinniest, but she was the most beautiful when she semi-crawled her way up on the stage to get her Emmy and said: "Sometimes things just take time. But with time comes great appreciation."

And that, dear friends, was the moment of moments for me. How many conversations do we have with ourselves about our shortcomings, about why we will never accomplish our impossible dreams? How do you reach for the stars when common sense would tell you you're a fool for even trying?

In the space between the falling down and the rising up, I suggest to you is where true triumph lives. So forget the airbrushed makeup ads with celebrity spokespeople. Forget all the reasons that quitting would make more sense than struggling does. Forget all the reasons you can't and just get up one more time than you think you can. Use all the cliches: keep the faith, fight the good fight, when the going gets get the idea. Whatever it takes, do it. And let me tell you why: not because Margo Martindale or you need the Emmy for your mantle, though I'm sure you both do, but because somewhere, sitting at home watching, is a little girl or boy who needs to know that anything is possible, that talent and hard work stand some chance of being rewarded, and that there are unimaginable good things in everyone's future. The things is - sometimes things just take time.

So whatever it is you dream for yourself, be it big or small, probable or probably impossible, I hope you take a small step toward it today so that when it comes to pass you can appreciate your journey fully.

Peace and blessings to you. Thanks for stopping by.

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