Monday, December 17, 2012

Before this Moment Passes

While the families in Newtown are grieving and burying their loved ones, the rest of us have an opportunity to channel our emotions into action for the sake of our collective future, the good of our people, and the memory of those lost to the horrors of gun violence.

So before this moment passes, please contact all of your representatives and demand their action in the form of significant gun legislation and restriction. In my opinion, the logical place to start is by banning assault weapons. I have made this as easy as possible by providing all the necessary links below.

To find your Representative in the House, click here:

To find your Senators, click here:

To contact your state Governor, click here:

To contact the President:

If you would like to give the NRA a piece of your mind:
Or write them:
National Rifle Association of America.
Institute for Legislative Action
11250 Waples Mill Rd.

Fairfax, VA 22030

Thank you, please share this information, and I wish you heartfelt peace and blessings,

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