Wednesday, June 19, 2013

what are you waiting for?

When last I blogged, I was having, well, sort of a day. And much to my surprise, it turned out quite a few people related to the accompanying emotions surrounding that day. So to those of you who reached out to me in love, or support, or mere camaraderie - thank you so much. Now on with the blog...

I get a lot of political emails, and the subject lines of them range from mild outrage to downright pissed-off-titude (my own new word). But I got one recently that grabbed me. Oh, not because of anything political, but it seemed like a question that the universe was asking me directly. "What are you waiting for?"

Yeah, that's a great question we could all be asking ourselves. What are we waiting for? The right time? Money? The stars to align?

What is it that stands in the way of us doing that thing our hearts would love to do? What would it take for us to realize that the time is now and the moment is ripe for us to step up knowing that the world needs exactly what it is we have to offer right this very minute?

I really don't think most of us are compelled to action until we're either in so much pain that we must act, or until we have some type of life-changing experience that opens our eyes to both the fragility as well as to the brevity of life. But be that as it may, here we are, plodding along, waiting and hoping for - oh, what's it called again? Courage.

So I'm offering up this quote from an interview I transcribed a few years back, along with a proposal to all of you. Here's the quote: "I believe that we can all have our dreams to the extent that we are willing to help others have their dreams."

And here's my proposal: if you're not willing or able to take the step today on behalf of yourself, then help someone else on their journey. Every one of us has the ability to be an encourager at the very least, or a miracle-worker at our finest. Perhaps our work is a solitary endeavor, but accomplishing anything beyond the creation of it isn't.

What kind of world would this be if we told each other why we should strive for greatness instead of why we shouldn't? How would the fabric of our humanity be altered if we were happier? What are we doing here if not becoming the fullest version of ourselves?

And what are you waiting for?

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