Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Birthday Blog!!!

It’s my birthday today, and birthdays always find me a bit reflective. But this year feels different, almost as if I’ve actually done some of what I said I’d do last year. Go figure. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

So as I sift through the memories that comprise this past year, I am oh-so-thankful for so much. And since I believe we get more of what we focus on…

I am grateful for a year of good health.
I am grateful for family I love, both near and far.
I am grateful to have friends who know me, love me, and occasionally have to remind me who I am when I forget. (Not literally. Well, maybe once, after a few margaritas, but I’m mainly talking bigger picture here.)
I am grateful for times when I laughed until I cried.  
I am grateful for new friends.
I am grateful for all the ways in which I’ve grown.
I am grateful for all the times I’ve gotten to perform my songs for people this year and for all the new songs I’ve written.
I am grateful for waterproof eyeliner…cause I’m a crier. There, I said it. I’m also a hugger – a crier and a hugger. Sometimes at the same time. But only if I know you. (This is not to be confused with John Boehner, who is just a crier…and orange. But that’s neither here nor there.)
I am grateful for passion.
I am grateful for Aaron Sorkin and Jon Stewart. (Really, I am!)
I am grateful for all the goodness I’ve witnessed, for the kindness I’ve been shown, for the infinite array of possibilities that are there when I allow.
I am grateful for the amazing talents I get to work with, for the beautiful souls I encounter, for unexpected twists in the plotline of my life that turn out to be a better gift than I could have conjured on my own.
I am grateful for words and music that move and inspire me.
I am grateful for dreams that are coming to fruition.
I am grateful for Maui.
I am grateful for the chance to live another day, to make it count for something.
I am grateful for every person who has graced my life, touched my life, and enriched my life.
I am grateful for every person who has ever read this blog.
I am grateful for any impact I may have had on someone’s life for the better.
I am grateful for the chance each moment holds within it to start anew.
I am grateful for right now.
I am grateful to have reached this birthday and to have spent at least this piece of it with you.

With love and gratitude...

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  1. A beautiful blog from a beautiful soul like Ilene Angel! I am grateful for YOU, Ilene! Happy birthday! Jeryl