Sunday, March 2, 2014

the Oscar blog 2014!

Sure, most of the country is obsessed with Super Bowl Sunday, but in my family, it’s the Oscar’s, baby! So today, Oscar Sunday, is like the Super Bowl and Christmas all rolled into one for me.

Do I have a song nominated this year? Nope. But instead of mourning that trivial detail, I am enjoying my Oscar viewing without the minimum three layers of Spanx and mandatory month of fasting required of all female nominees. So there is that.

I’ve seen a bunch of the nominated movies and performances this year, and it’s really hard to compare them. It’s like apples and oranges, if you ask me. So I thought I’d just talk about a few people whose work I really like.

For instance, Tom Hanks – why don’t we just declare him a national treasure and be done with it. He has got to be the most likable person ever. Don’t you just want to be neighbors and invite him over for a barbecue? And truly, a fantastic performance as Captain Phillips.

Meryl Streep – I think there should just be a special Oscar called the Meryl Streep Oscar and they should give it to her each year for whatever work she does. I don’t think anyone would argue that every performance of hers is Oscar worthy.

And speaking of Oscar worthy, which I don’t say lightly, Julia Roberts’ performance in August: Osage County is phenomenal, and certainly the best work she’s ever done.

And along those same lines of best work in their career – Matthew Macconaughey in Dallas Buyers Club. Holy smokes! And in this girl’s opinion, it was an incredibly important film with regard to what it says about our government, the FDA, and our healthcare system, whose interests run counter to what is in the best interests of our citizens. Important film.

A musical word. Idina Menzel – I am so glad the world is going to get to see and hear her tonight and that her reach is extending beyond Broadway now, because I think she is a world class, extraordinary talent. And it is a pleasure to see cream rise to the top.

Well, I’ve got to go primp and prepare now. Those Oscar attendees get dinner by Wolfgang Puck afterwards, but me, I’ve got to fend for myself, so I’ll be tossing my own salad, thank you very much. And there will be no ice sculptures at my table. But other than that, really, exactly the same as their party. I’m sure of it.

Thanks for stopping by, happy Sunday to you, and enjoy the Oscars!

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