Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Blog 2015!!!!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, boys and girls, and being the avid football fan that I am, I have no idea who’s playing. It’s possible I won’t find out, either, since I’ll be done watching after Idina Menzel sings the national anthem.

I jest about not knowing who is playing. I’ve got Google and I know how to use it. And what’s more, all this pre-game discussion about deflated balls has got me wondering about things I’ve never contemplated before. So yay, football for expanding my horizons.

As I’ve stated in previous Super Bowl blogs, my knowledge of players is confined largely to those who’ve made their way onto Dancing with the Stars, or have found themselves in the middle of a salacious scandal…and also, Joe Namath. Ah, Broadway Joe – sigh.

I’d like to talk to you about a more important topic, though, than the men who will be jumping on each other as “sport,” tonight, and that is – food.

I just came from the frenzied free-for-all known as a supermarket on Super Bowl Sunday. And there, I witnessed delicacies I didn’t know I had been missing. “Pigs in footballs,” which I could not distinguish from the “pigs in blankets,” because they looked exactly the same to me.

Chili con Queso, in a tray the shape of a football. Chicken wings, ribs, 7 layer dip that had 4 layers, because, call me crazy, I counted them when it looked shy a few layers. And tortilla chips – who knew there was such an unlimited number of varieties? Corn, white corn, with a twist of lime, scoop shaped, strips, restaurant style, and those are just off the top of my head. Blue corn! How could I forget the blue corn!!! Wait, there’s actually blue corn??? What was God thinking…or is this courtesy of a couple of guys with a chemistry set? I’ll have to investigate…which I’ll have plenty of time to do…during the Super Bowl, no doubt.

Me, my purchases were not as highly caloric, because I was shopping in preparation of the next snow storm, set to begin tonight. I suggest my fellow east-coasters utilize their prayer time for something more practical than which team will win tonight. I myself am going for “Please, God, let it drift out to sea and miss us completely.”

I feel like I should actually talk about football now – the sport, the strategies, the players, their strengths and weaknesses, the teamwork necessary to be crowned champion.

Wow, I just realized I know none of that. So I think my work here is done. Enjoy the game! And may the best team win…whoever they are.


  1. Funny and smart, as usual... :)
    Btw, not sure you noticed, but you are about to pass the "10,000 blog views" point!

  2. Great Blog -- LOL The superbowl is over and I really hope you watched it. I am not that into football but watch it cause it always interests - All the great commercials and of Halftime show. But this year I was totally excited by the game . It was the game played at its best and I'm sure it will be remembered by football fans for a long time. It was exciting - I hope you watched.