Monday, February 12, 2018

...well, we made it through January

In my mind, it should be spring. I know, we’re only partly through February, but I think surviving January merits a reward, like more daylight, warmer temperatures and a glimmer of hope that we won’t go to war with North Korea.

I’ve been in hibernation, for the most part, trying to avoid the flu epidemic and finishing another book. Oh, I don’t mean reading another book. I mean writing one. And these things take time. Lots and lots of time.

A successful author once told me, when I was working on my first book, which took ten years to complete, by the way, and it’s not that long of a book – she told me that if I wrote one book, I’d write more books.

Evidently, books are like potato chips – you can’t stop at just one.

At the time, of course, I laughed right to her face. “Me? Never! I will never write another book.”

Famous last words.

So here I am, working day in and day out on book two – the self-help one, because who better to steer you through the murky waters of worry and anxiety to the pristine ones of peace and happiness than me, right?

Stop laughing.

Here’s the thing I will say about it – you can never dole out advice that the Universe will not quiz you on yourself, just to make sure that you’re walking your talk. So I say write a novel, because that way you can just make stuff up, and that’s got to be easier than honest to goodness transformation.

I decided to take a little breather, and by “breather,” I mean I have spent countless hours listening to webinars on marketing and promotion and sales and other words that make me nauseous, because, by golly, I want this thing out in the world. And I also need a new coat.  

I’ll be honest, part of me thinks I should master the whole hashtag thing before contemplating a grand marketing plan, but I’m a big picture kind of gal, so I’ve got lots of charts and lists and a whole array of bright colored Sharpies at my disposal, because no one said this can’t be fun.

Well, it’s time to get back to book writing now…or watching Olympic snowboarding, it’s a tossup.

Stay tuned for more book and music updates!

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