Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Search of...what's reasonable

I bought a card for someone the other day and it started with the words "I believe," and then continued with a litany of things that seemed to me profound in their simplicity. One of them was, "I believe that peace is reasonable," and this really struck a chord with me because to me peace is reasonable, and yet I've heard it described as everything but that.

I've been told that I'm a dreamer who has a very unrealistic view of how the world's supposed to look. I've been told I live in Disneyland, that I'm not pragmatic and that hope springs eternal with me. All of these things are meant to be a slight, I'm sure, but somehow I wear them as a badge of honor. That card got me thinking about what's reasonable.

I think it's reasonable to want to look for solutions to our problems and put the kind of elbow grease into those solutions that only a person who believes it's reasonable would do. I think that our selfishness and isolationism as individuals and as a society is what's unreasonable. I think it's reasonable to expect more from ourselves.

I believe that peace is reasonable.
I believe that love is not only reasonable but sane and inevitable.
I believe that life is a gift and whomever you believe that gift comes from is not as important as what you do with it.
I believe that success and integrity do not need to be mutally exclusive.
I believe it's reasonable to reach beyond what we know we can do.
I believe it's reasonable to believe that one person can not only make a difference, but makes all the difference.
I believe it's reasonable to be that one person. Each of us. Now. Because now is all there is. And reasonable or not, what we each choose to do with our now matters.

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