Friday, December 24, 2010

In Search of...a Christmas Eve blog

Yes, the tree is trimmed, the lights are lit, and the stockings are hung - oh, not in my house. Here we've got a menorah that needs to be put away, but in most other homes around here, that is the case.

It is no secret that I love Christmas - well, all the pagan rituals like the trees and lights, that is. I am a huge fan of carols as well as peace on earth, good will toward men (and women). But mostly I am grateful to have made it through another year and still be surrounded by people I love. Yes, I get all sappy and sentimental this time of year, taking stock as the new year fast approaches, of the things that transpired, both that which I accomplished and that which I did not. I think it's good for everyone to take stock every once in a while, because we often do far more than we stop and give ourselves credit for.

For instance, I published a book this year. Now, normally one might say, "Well, what's the big whoop about that?" But since I did not publish said book the ten previous years, I guess it is something to be acknowledged and celebrated...even if George Stephanopoulos is not having me over for Christmas dinner. He does have my book.

So this Christmas Eve, as I leave to spend it with friends as close to me as family, I am relishing the moment, knowing that in the blink of an eye, it will be next Christmas Eve and I will be in a different place in my life.

To all of you who are celebrating the birth of Jesus, I wish you a blessed Christmas. To those of us who are jealous, I say partake of all the festivities anyway. Jesus walked this earth loving unconditionally, and that's something we could all stand to learn how to do. May the meaning of peace, joy, and love be known to us all that we may embody it so the world can be as it was meant to be.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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