Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Gratitude Project - Day 1

Well, after much talk on this blog about going for your heart’s desire because life is, after all, short, I am finally walking the talk…or is that talking the walk…or walking and talking. Okay, you get the point I’m trying to make here – I’m doing it!

For the backstory, we need to start in the early ‘90’s, about the time I discovered that every song I wrote did not have to be about heartbreak, or heartache, or breaking up, or just general relationship drama. It was then, when, thanks to a homeless man on the street in New York City, I began writing about the world around me as I saw it, the human condition, and what I believe our potential and purpose for being here is.

But silly me, I thought it was just one or two songs that would fulfill my need to talk about this stuff. And I didn’t know what to call it, or how to categorize it, or if people would even like it.

So here I am, a little more than twenty years later, having found that it’s precisely those kinds of songs that people who have heard me play out remember, mention, and are looking to take home with them. It turns out that people want to know that their lives, in fact, do matter and we like to be reminded occasionally that, regardless of our circumstances, it is not too late to resurrect a dream.

Oh, you don’t have to tell me that this type of stuff is not what’s being played on the radio. That’s why the twenty year hesitation on my part. I’m not an idiot. But it’s an idea whose time has come, because despite all our technological interconnectedness, we feel less significant, more isolated, and we are less apt to own the inherent power each of us was given and hungers to express. And how can I say that to you if I won’t act on it myself? I can’t. And so it is time to be the change.

The Gratitude Project is my way of finally stepping up, of saying, “I know what I bring to the table, and I recognize that it is of value.” Maybe some people never have trouble saying and doing that. And I say, “Good for them!” But for most of us, it is an act of bravery to move in the direction of our hearts, our intrinsic knowing, and our grandest of dreams.

I am taking that leap of faith. And if you’d like to support this endeavor or me in that leap, here is the link to join in and be a part of The Gratitude Project.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please tell your friends. And know that I am profoundly grateful for you.

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  1. I love what you do! Your songs of hope and inspiration are so beautiful they make me cry. That is why it was my honor to donate to your project. I believe in you!