Friday, July 26, 2013

The Gratitude Project - Week 1: Trust, Ease, Unstoppable

So it turns out this whole crowd funding thing for my Gratitude Project was, right out of the gate, what some of us would call “a trigger.”

(And lest you be stopping by here and wondering what Gratitude Project, here’s the link, and please donate! The Gratitude Project)

Just when I thought I had made huge strides in all that personal transformation stuff, up pops the opportunity to…put it into practice. What was I thinking? This stuff is so much easier to talk about than actually do.

My three words for 2013 are Trust. Ease. Unstoppable. And so I thought I could use a revisit of those words.

Trust requires faith in the unseen, the unknown, and maybe most importantly, in the unknowable. It requires a letting go of the results once the action has been taken, a relinquishing of control, if you will. (Yeah, about that – it went right out the window as soon as the clock started ticking. And it is not lost on me, my friends, that most of the songs on this project are about or at least reference the word “trust.” Oh, the irony.)

I immediately got caught up in my desire to make it happen, instead of allowing it to. And just to save you all some grief on your own paths – that never works. We set things in motion, yes. We can act with intention, a particular energy, a mindset. But the way things play out is not within our control and trying to make is so only pushes it further away. So, I am happily withdrawing my participation from the crazy panic (she says, in a moment of uncharacteristic calm).

As for ease, well, really, if I stop with the crazy, fear-filled panic, isn’t that all that’s left? I’ll get back to you on that next week.

…Which brings us to…unstoppable, a word that, for me, conjures triumph. There have already been so many wonderful surprises in connecting with people and inviting them to be part of creating something positive in the world. The Gratitude Project is happening. How that will manifest in detail remains to be seen, but the decision has been made, the train has left the station, I’m working daily on it, others are invested in it and working on it, and the word unstoppable is being embodied.

So there you go. I’ve taken a breath and reminded myself to be open to the miracles and not to quit before they arrive.

I hope you know how very much I appreciate you stopping by. Please tell your friends.

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