Saturday, February 1, 2014

my 2014 Super Bowl blog!!!

Yes, boys and girls, it’s time for my yearly Super Bowl blog. It’s time, once again, for me to gush about an event I like to describe as a bunch of men jumping on each other and causing traumatic brain injury in exchange for large sums of money while we all snack on Doritos and watch.

I know, who am I to criticize how a man earns his living? I say live and let live…although, if I were going to condone a bunch of men beating on each other, I’d vote for them aiming that roughhousing where it belongs – at Congress. Or child molesters. (Note: I did not say child molesters in Congress.)

The teams that are playing this year are Denver and Seattle. Thank God one of them has a Manning brother on it. I don’t know anyone else’s name. And don’t ask me which team or which Manning. I’m in no mood to Google that kind of stuff, especially after I just had to find out who was actually playing in the Super Bowl.

And let’s not pretend that we all won’t be checking out the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet during Sunday’s festivities. Who doesn’t gush over our adorable, furry friends? Serial killers, that’s who.

For me, this year’s Super Bowl is the precursor to the sporting event I’m really looking forward to – the Winter Olympics. Bring on the figure skating, baby!

And frankly, I love most of the sports in the winter games. For those of you who have been with this blog a while, you might recall my fascination with the Luge a while back and my research about where one could go to do it in these United States. I am only slightly embarrassed to report that I have not actually done any luging since my initial research. But hey, you never know what this year will bring. It’s still early.

Shaun White – I am mesmerized. The man defies gravity and I don’t think there’s anything more thrilling as a spectator than watching him snowboard. (For those of you who would cast your “most thrilling spectator sport” vote for the flaming baton twirlers of the Miss America Pageant, I think you’re not really interested in the batons or the flames. Of course, that’s just conjecture on my part. I could be wrong.)

Wait, I’ve digressed. Where was I? Oh yeah, Super Bowl, that’s right. So it’s a tossup for me – watch the game or put on a movie. My new Netflix came today. Perfect timing.

Other years, I watched the game, mostly to feel like I didn’t miss out on the big party everyone else was going to. And also, so I’d be able to have an honest to goodness conversation the next day. Of course, I could always do what I do on all other occasions when people start talking about sports – nod in agreement with whatever is being said while I try to keep my eyes from glazing over and fight the urge to lose consciousness.

I’ve got no bets on this game, so incentive is lacking for me to watch it through its entirety. I think Netflix might win out.

Whatever it is you might be doing on Super Bowl Sunday, I hope your team wins, your snacks are delicious, and your hopes are high.

Thanks for stopping by. Please tell your friends. And now…bring on the figure skating! Oops, I meant football. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

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