Thursday, May 1, 2014

the bigger yes

It’s been a little while since I blogged, and I’m procrastinating about writing a new bio for my new website – the one I don’t have yet, but have been working on day and night for seemingly inordinate lengths of time. On the bright side, I’m learning new things every day. On the not-so-bright side, these new things have necessitated adult beverage consumption by early evening, and all I’ve got in the house at the moment is the Manischewitz from Passover, which, by the way, is completely unappealing to me since I’m no longer, you know, twelve.

While sipping the glorified grape juice, I decided to go on Facebook – always a good way to procrastinate. One of my Facebook buddies, Patti, posted a little survey to find your appropriate nickname. Sure, I’ll play, I thought. Well, it turns out my designated nickname is “stiletto.” (I’ll pause until the laughter has died down.)

Needless to say, this got me thinking the obvious – should I buy a pair? Could I still walk in heels? Would I sashay in them like a runway model or fracture an ankle? These are the burning questions running through my mind. And in the interest of full disclosure, I already had a pair on my Amazon wish list before I took this little survey. Isn’t that a sign? Of course, I also have a pair of Nike running shoes on my Amazon list, so this really could have gone either way.

While mulling over my future shoe purchases and whether or not my new nickname suits me, I thought I’d get to the topic I’ve wanted to write about since Sunday – the bigger yes.

I like the way that sounds and feels when I say it, like there’s something amazing about to happen. But what is the bigger yes?

I think the bigger yes is that vision we hold of fulfilling not only our best and brightest dreams, but also our greatest potential. I think it’s the moment we finally realize and ride the current of our lives without fighting every inch of the way.

But with riding that current to its glorious destination comes choices we make along the way, because the bigger yes has to take precedence over the smaller no’s. And we don’t like to say no. So the question is what do we want most? And will we listen to and trust our inner guide when we hear it? Are we willing to ride into uncharted waters for the sake of something better than we even imagined? What are we willing to let go of that keeps us where we are? What will we say yes to?

I can’t answer these questions for anyone else, but I am ready to say yes to unprecedented flow, untethered, unfettered, better than I imagined possibilities, and by golly, I’m gonna say it – stilettos!

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