Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Last Look Around

Everything changes. I don’t mind telling you I have been both grateful for and terrified of that fact. And so it must be with this blog. It is changing addresses, moving, if you will, to a new location, where it will be part of my swanky, new website that will be up and running very soon.

I’m not really certain at this point, what this will mean for my beloved little blog, aside from a different web address. Will its appearance be revamped entirely? Will it feel the same to you? Or to me?

I’ve been assured that people will be able to find me, just as they always have, but seeing is believing when it comes to things requiring codes and redirecting and stuff that generally makes my eyes glaze over. You may as well be waving a wand and saying, “hocus pocus, abracadabra,” because scientific though it may be, it’s magic to me. (It’s much the same for me with automobiles. I’ve got a cell phone and AAA. What else do I really need to know? Oooh, but I do know that if you’ve got white smoke coming out of your car, you’re burning oil. Thanks, Dad.)

So back to the blog. This “little blog that could” started as a way to gain a following for my book, In Search of George Stephanopoulos. I didn’t really know what a blog was supposed to be, or do, or look like, but in time, it has become the place where I have discovered, and shared, and risked boldly being me.

From politics to personal triumphs and losses, this has been the place I’ve chosen to let loose. And you all have not only cheered me on, but embraced me wholeheartedly in doing so.

In Search of… has blessed me with new friendships, new avenues for my writing, and hopefully a way to touch lives for the better that is uniquely my own.

So while this blog will continue, it will do so in the next phase of my life and career, and so promises to be a reflection of that.

For those of you who have stopped by and been a part of this experience, whether once or many times, whether from the get go or just recently, I thank you and will be forever grateful that you’ve shared this part of my life.

Peace and blessings to you, and stay tuned for the next chapter!!!!


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