Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Top 10 Things You Would Never Hear Me Say (in no particular order)

I thought I'd start off this Sunday blog with a little humor...hopefully. So I give you the top ten things you would NEVER hear me say...

  1. I’ve gotten too skinny; I need to put on a few pounds.
  2. Sure, I’d love to go camping.
  3. Rap music is my favorite.
  4. I enjoy broccoli as much as potato chips.
  5. Bungee jumping is on my bucket list.
  6. I always wanted to play the bagpipes.
  7. I tan without burning.
  8. I don’t mind paying retail.
  9. No coffee for me. I’m a tea drinker.
  10. I’m voting Republican. (The exception to this being, of course, if there was time travel and I was voting for Abe Lincoln...or if I was being ironic, which has been known to happen on occasion.) 

And honorable mention goes to:
Golf and boxing are my favorite spectator sports.

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  1. Top five things I suspect I will be hearing Ilene Angel say:

    "I just don't have enough room on my shelf for the most recent grammys."

    "Keith Urban and Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney are all fighting over who is going to record my latest song."

    "Just had a great interview with the Times about the new book going number one."

    "Hey, wow - my CD just went from platinum to double platinum."

    "Garry, this is Jonathan Groff, [or Robert Downy Junior, or Billy Crudup]. He has been dying to meet you. Now you boys behave!"