Sunday, January 18, 2015

the thing that changes our lives forever...

It’s a passing comment. It’s the line in a song. It’s an evening that didn’t seem all that important at the time.

We are unwitting players in each other’s lives, and most of the time, we don’t know it. I suppose that is the way it’s meant to be, like finely woven silk, almost imperceptible, but I can’t help but think we could all use a dose of knowing our own impact, if for no other reason than to bring home the point that who we are and what we say and do actually matters.

We know this when it comes to raising children – they are sponges that absorb everything that’s conveyed to them, both on spoken and unspoken levels. But the thing is – so are we all. That doesn’t stop at some magical threshold. We take in, we assimilate, and it shows up as our lives and the snapshot of the world we live in.

I’ll be honest with you, when I put it like that, even I start thinking, holy crap, we’ve got some fixing to do! But the truth is I’m really not talking about it in the negative. 

Every one of us can think of a pivotal moment, person, thing said, or event that changed our lives forever and hopefully, for the better.

Lately, I’ve taken to telling people, as much as possible, how they show up to me and what I love about them. I find that it catches people off-guard. And a lot of times, makes people uncomfortable, which kind of saddens me.

It is disconcerting for most of us to be told what a gift we are. But that is the thing we most need to hear, because how are we supposed to bring that gift to the world if we can’t even acknowledge it?

So I go for depth in a world of superficiality. I know, I’m Don Quixote. I tilt at windmills and believe in the impossible dream – that we will all not only wake up to our divine nature, but that we’ll actually embody it one day. And my dream is that today will be that day.

So how about we make a conscious effort today to see how we can build each other up. I don’t mean by saying something that isn’t true. I mean by saying something that is true.

Freak someone out – tell them you love them. (Wow, I think I might make that into greeting cards and/or bumper stickers.)

My point is we should be as free flowing with our acknowledgment, love, and appreciation as we are with our judgment, criticism, and disdain. In fact, we should be freer flowing with it.

This world is only going to change one kind word and loving gesture at a time. So today’s the day. Now’s the time. And if you’re reading this – I love you. Go ahead and freak out if you want to – just don’t forget to pass it along. It might just be the thing that changes someone’s life forever.

Thanks for stopping by. Please tell your friends. 

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