Monday, August 17, 2009

In Search of...a birthday blog!

It's my birthday today and I know you are all doing the requisite singing. Birthdays are always a good time to reflect with gratitude about the gift of life we've thus far been given. For starters I just did something I never thought I would - 4 miles on the treadmill. I told myself with every laborious step that if I could do this, I could do anything and why not start the year off with that premise?

While I'm busy recuperating from my workout, I'd like to take a minute to appreciate everyone who's ever stopped by my blog, so thank you. It means so much to me that what I think and feel has made it out into the universe to others.

So what will this next year of my life bring, I wonder? What new unforeseen roads will I get to travel and what will I be able to contribute? While I'm putting things out there, I want to state my intentions so that somewhere in the ether they will reverberate.

I intend to be open to possibilities greater than my mind can imagine.

I intend to be a beneficial force on this planet.

I intend to enjoy and be present in my own life and to celebrate the beauty that is all around me.

I intend to expand my thinking, my imagination, and my faith in the unseen goodness that is working on my behalf.

I intend to make peace a practice internally and externally.

I intend to live in the overflow of abundance of good health, prosperity, and fulfillment that are available to everyone.

These are just some of my intentions for the coming year ahead. I'm off to go celebrate now! Thanks for stopping by. Please tell your friends.

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  1. It's LB again (I can't figure out how to just post with my name.) Argh! I'm a terrible person! I KNEW it was your birthday--would you believe that I remembered it for the past 39 years? But I am mildly ADDish and tend to try to remember to do too many things at once. So I wish you a belated Happy Birthday! I hope you intend to do at least one naughty thing this year.