Sunday, August 9, 2009

In Search of...hey, what ever happened to George Stephanopoulos?

It's Sunday, and if it's Sunday (come on, sing it with me) it must be politics day! I've got a fresh idea - why don't we talk about healthcare reform?!!!! Since the last time I've mentioned it a few days ago I've been inundated with emails and media, videos of town hall meetings gone awry - which could possibly be sold 2 for 1 with those videos of kids doing crazy things on spring break in Florida.

In the midst of all my many emails was one I just received that caught my eye. Let's face it, most of us complain and do nothing. Heck, we can't even get most of the country to vote, so how are we going to get them to do something - like call, write, or visit their representatives to demand legitimate healthcare reform?

Well thanks to my most recent email, I, for one, am going to go visit my trusty Republican Senator - Lamar Alexander's office on Tuesday. I plan on taking with me copies of my recent premium increase, as well as denied claims, and everything else I can think of to make my very real case, including talking points on an index card. This is the first time I've ever done an in-person office visit, though I've done just about everything else you can think of. I plan on reporting my experiences back to you, my trusty readers, as well as to anyone else I think is pertinent. I plan on being respectful, concise, well thought out and organized, and I'm hoping to be received with that same level of respect.

All of that being tactfully said, here's why I see true reform going nowhere - because politicians get money from lobbyists, and insurance companies are a BIG lobby with lots and lots of money. There's money to the individual campaigns as well as to the parties, and as long as that's the case, politicians have a greater vested interest in keeping the gravy train coming than they do in caring for the needs of American citizens - that is unless those citizens make it very clear in irrefutable numbers that no amount of lobbying money will get them elected if they don't accomplish this. That's why I've been imploring everyone to take action and contact your representatives. And this is not an issue limited to one party either. Both parties are equally guilty of it. And again, what does Congress care if they achieve affordable healthcare for everyone? They're already covered.

Enough said on that...for now.

So it's been a while since I've talked about my memoir "In Search of George Stephanopoulos - A True Story of Life, Love, and the Pursuit of a Short Greek Guy," and for those of you who have been up nights wondering if that has fallen by the wayside while I've been doing things like starting a new religion, let me assure you that it most definitely has not.

I am newly inspired by just having seen the movie "Julie and Julia" with Meryl Streep (acting Goddess) and Amy Adams (whom I love in pretty much everything she does). Having both blogging and the idea of self publishing affirmed by the film, I am blissfully looking forward to some time off next week to both celebrate my birthday and revisit the manuscript. (All birthday gifts, by the way, will be gratefully acknowledged with a lovely hand-written thank you note!)

And while I'm mentioning George Stephanopoulos again, let me just say that his ability to quote chapter and verse on the proposed thousand page healthcare bill, was stunning. He knew exactly what was and was not in it...which is more than I can say for the guests that were on his show to discuss it. Seriously, I find it reprehensible that legislators don't actually read what they're voting for or against, and that those sent out to do their bidding don't either. It seems to me that reading the actual proposed legislation would fall under the category of, um, their job!!! Anyway, well done, George.

I hope you all have a stellar start to your week, and thanks for stopping by. Please tell your friends.


  1. Nevermind politics. Let's talk about teeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)

  2. BTW, that's me. LB

  3. You crack me up! I was just thinking of a TV blog as I am catching up on all my 80's TV shows thanks to the miracle of Netflix! More to come...