Sunday, August 23, 2009

In Search of...a staycation

It's Sunday, and if it's Sunday it must be usual. There I sat, listening to virtually the same healthcare discussion as I've been listening to week after week. No news. No progress. Just talk about how insurmountable the task is, and how it's never going to happen.

I've written my representatives. I've called. I've gone to their offices in person. I've begged, I've cajoled, and I've just plain asked everyone I know to contact their own representatives. Most people I know have done it. A few hold outs have not. I've gotten serious myself and thrown out the processed foods and been exercising just in case there is no healthcare by the time I really need it. So now what - hope Congress develops a conscience? What are the odds?

So I'm wondering what's next, while at the same time trying to tell myself that I'm on vacation. Oh yeah, and they're no longer "vacations." They're "staycations" because who can afford to go anywhere? So I've been home in my cozy apartment. The only problem with the idea of a staycation is that it doesn't work, at least not for me. I've had maybe one day where I've actually done nothing but relax. Thanks to modern technology we're never out of touch. Not only does my home phone ring, but my cell phone rings. And the emails pile up in massive quantities. And I can't check my email without being hit squarely in the face with the news headlines...which are never good. And then I look around my apartment and see all the things I should get done, and so I should all over myself until there's really no chance for total relaxation. Even the stack of books I intend to read for pleasure seem ominous and more like a chore to be gotten through at this point. Has anyone else had this experience?

So I know that unless I go somewhere or turn everything off including my brain, I will never feel as if I've been on vacation. Hmmm...maybe at Christmastime?

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