Monday, January 4, 2010

In Search of...a good morning, America

So George Stephanopoulos is now the official co-anchor of Good Morning America, and that is making me do my happy dance.

For those of you who haven't been reading my blog since its inception last March, well first of all - go back and read it - and second of all, you might be surprised to find out that Mr. Stephanopoulos was the impetus for it. Actually my book about trying to meet him was the impetus. No wait, trying to get my book about trying to meet George Stephanopoulos published was the impetus for it. Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, here I am, seldom blogging about George Stephanopoulos anymore and celebrating the 10th year since I began writing the memoir bearing his name, which is a little odd considering it's about my life.

In the ten years since I began writing In Search of George Stephanopoulos, George has gotten married (serious bummer for me), had two kids, been the Chief Washington Correspondent for ABC News and is now the co-anchor of Good Morning America. I on the other hand have had a #1 song on the radio, found out I'm diabetic, and started a blog. Somehow I think he's fared a little bit better than I have. But no worries. This is a new year and somehow I'm wildly optimistic about things. (This may be fleeting, so savor it while it lasts, folks.)

George actually started his stint on GMA before the holidays, but today was the official first day and as such ABC felt compelled to compile a montage that would endear him to those who didn't already know who he was. He was met with the usual co-host ribbing, and I for one was glad to know that he was intimate with the Hannah Montana repertoire since my song was Emily Osment's first hit, "I Don't Think About It." For a brief moment I pictured him walking around his house singing my song with his kids - and my brain nearly exploded.

If there's one thing my fellow left-handed intellectual suffers from on screen the same way I suffer from it off screen, it's the seeming inability to lighten up. In his defense I'd like to say that anyone who spends any amount of time looking at what's going on in the world is lucky they don't need medication, let alone the ability to lighten up. So I say, "Stay true to who you are, George. It hasn't hurt you so far." Besides, the rest of America could use a dose of sobriety when it comes to the challenges facing us.

As for my memoir, I'm hoping that George's expanded audience will expand my chances of getting published. Otherwise there's always Kinko's and selling it out of my trunk. (I kid...kind of.) Either way, 2010 is a new year filled with the promise of new adventures and old dreams coming to fruition.

I'm thrilled for George Stephanopoulos, I think he will do an awesome job, I wish him well, and here's hoping I'm sitting on Good Morning America one day soon being interviewed by him about my new book - In Search of George Stephanopoulos.

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