Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Search of...something engaging to watch on TV

Maybe January makes me restless. The Christmas lights are down, the cheerfulness is gone, and all that's left is the bleak coldness of another winter to be survived. So I'm looking for something to watch on TV, something to make me feel excited, or hopeful, or interested, or anything really that would adequately distract me from this winter weather.

Oh yes, American Idol is about to begin what this blogger will bet is its last season. So if I'm so inclined, I'll be able to watch hour upon hour of staged humiliation known as the open auditions pretty soon. Last year I actually did that, and all I said to everyone was, "I like the guy with the dyed black hair." Yeah, it didn't take a rocket scientist to pick Adam Lambert out of the crowd. And even though it has been less than a year since Kris Allen was crowned the American Idol, I would bet that if you walked down the street and randomly asked people who Kris Allen is, they couldn't tell you. So for my purposes, and because I was totally partial from the beginning, Adam Lambert is my American Idol.

But enough about Idol for now. There will undoubtedly be plenty of time for blogging about that when it's in full swing. My current favorite shows are The Good Wife and Men of a Certain Age - the only really new and refreshing program on television. Leave it to Ray Romano to do two great shows that somehow capture a kernel of reality that all other shows are void of.

A side note on the Brothers & Sisters cancer storyline - I want to smack someone in the head for that. First of all, must every show on TV have some main character with cancer? And if you're going to drag me through a tearful series of episodes with boxes of Kleenex by my side, can you do something other than wrap it up by flashing forward, saying everything's all better, and making like we're done with it now and forevermore?

I'm anxiously awaiting the return of Southland at its new home on TNT. As for what else I can watch, all I can say is thank God for Netflix.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know if you've found any new shows to watch.

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