Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Search of...some guilty pleasures

It's been frigid in most of the country, and so I have had little desire and reason to go outside. Actually, I have little desire to go outside even when it's not this cold, but that's another story.

Though I've been working at home, I've also been wanting some distractions - something to give me a warm, fuzzy, comforting feeling, but that didn't involve ingesting large quantities of macaroni and cheese to do it. So I started thinking about guilty pleasures, those things we secretly like but rarely tell anyone about because it might be just plain embarrassing.

Since blogging frequently feels like I'm just putting things out there in the ether, I am about to divulge what tickles me when no one is around.

Barry Manilow. Now before you start rolling your eyes, I have a theory - everyone is a Barry Manilow fan. Seriously. I know you're out there. If we all weren't, he wouldn't still have a career.

80's movies. My list for this is pretty extensive, but these are my favorites: Dirty Dancing, Moonstruck, When Harry Met Sally, Breakfast Club, About Last Night, Satisfaction, Mystic Pizza, and Next of Kin. Feel free to add your own, but these are my tops.

Keeping on the 80's theme, I'd like to give an honorable mention to shoulder pads and big hair. I'm not talking about the huge linebacker shoulder pads, just the understated ones that make your waste look thinner. And as far as hair, I can't wait for big hair to come back and here's why. All this stick-straight, flat ironed, no-layer crap of the past fifteen years looks awful and is impossible to achieve with any sort of regularity on someone like me who has a thick, curly head of hair. It's ridiculous. Bring back the height, the layers, the curls, and the hairspray! (Notice I didn't give homage to the ghastly make up application of that era.)

The song. Come on, you know which ones I'm talking about - "You Light Up My Life," "Feelings," "Muskrat Love" - whatever it is for you. Personally, I'll go with a rousing chorus of "I Think I Love You," "You Take My Breath Away," and "I Will Survive." And if you can name the artists who did these without looking them up, there could be a prize as kitschy as a Rubik's cube or mood ring coming your way.

Among my many other guilty pleasures are 70's and 80's TV shows, which, thanks to Netflix, have been keeping me entertained quite a bit recently. Oh yes, Starsky & Hutch, Family, Maude, One Day at a Time - they all bring me back to something familiar and comforting - a time before the bubble of my childhood memories was popped by tell-all memoirs and revealing interviews, before life got the better of fantasy.

Oh yeah, and I also like anything with Joe Penny. I have subjected myself to episodes of Jake and the Fatman just to revel in what real men looked like before they started waxing. (Am I the only one who thinks Orlando Bloom looks like a girl? Just wondering.)

So there they are, just some of my guilty pleasures. And I haven't gained one pound while writing this blog.

Thanks for stopping by, and please tell your friends.

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