Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Search of...my election day blog

Well, it's finally here, so first of all, go VOTE!!! I'm going to go in a few minutes. Yay, it's the day where we actually do something for our country, and actively engage in the political process. Isn't it fun?!! (I get really excited about this. Can you tell?) As a judge pointed out to me the first time I ever had jury duty...oh, wait, he was talking about jury duty being the only way most of us are ever called upon to serve our country. Well, that's a whole other topic for another day. Today we vote.

I am more than slightly horrified by our choices, largely because they should never be our only choices, but somehow our system has come down to a big game of Celebrity Apprentice with the voting populace itching to say, "You're fired," more than we are selectively choosing candidates with the ability to represent our best interests. Yes, we, the super-size nation, want everything big - big personalities, big scandals, big ideas. It's like we're an entire nation on steroids. But I suggest that bravado without ideology and ethics is a recipe for disaster. And we are living in that now.

So whomever you're considering today, I beseech you to consider whether they are concerned for our well being, smart enough to discern the complexities that will undoubtedly be placed before them should they win, and if they will have backbone but flexibility. Will they be more concerned with towing the party line or with the lives of their constituents? Do they care more about politics than people? Will they sacrifice reelection for what is best for the country? These are the things to consider before casting your vote.

Thanks for stopping by. Please tell your friends - and vote.

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