Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Search of...things that make me wonder

I've been suffering from both insomnia and migraines for the better part of a week, and this has left me both cranky and devoid of that part of the brain that censors. At my worst I had to restrain myself from throttling a little old man today who felt it his duty to spew forth whatever he's most recently heard on Fox News, so convinced was he that it was the gospel truth.

As I had a silent conversation with my rising blood pressure, I wondered why it is that we are all so easily offended these days. At the deli counter in the supermarket, I also wondered how it is that deli meats get their solid but somehow simultaneously gelatinous appearance, as well as which exactly turkey pastrami is. So there you go.

I know that my musings are escalated by my lack of sleep. For instance, I took it as a personal affront from Bromley when I bought the wrong tea for my father the other day. It seems that Bromley, in its infinite wisdom, has changed their labeling. Now the green tea has an orange label and the orange pekoe has the green label. Why?

Keith Olbermann was suspended for donating money to Democratic candidates without NBC's prior approval. I wonder what else it is that NBC needs to give prior approval for. When you take home your paycheck, isn't it yours to decide what to do with? And didn't the Supreme Court just make campaign contributions a frenzied free for all? Keith returns to his show tonight. I think we should all tune in for some light comedy. Speaking of which, Conan is back on TV, looking decidedly older and more than slightly worse for wear. I wish him well, but I never liked him. See, right there, no censor. Of course, if he wishes to have me on his show, then he'll be my most favorite talk show host in the history of all talk show hosts.

Jon Stewart, who is possibly my truest love next to George Stephanopoulos, made light of the pummeling he's taken by his fellow liberals in the comedic community, and I say to his compatriots: What the @#$&?!!!! What, you don't have enough material with the newly elected folks or the new Speaker of the House? Come on. Quit picking on Jon!

So Dancing with the Stars, which, as you know, I'm a little obsessed with, was great last night. I am still baffled by the presence of Bristol Palin and the football player, Kurt Warner, and actually, I'm more baffled by the football player. He's awful. And Brandy and Maks, bless their hearts, can you think of two more unlikeable people? I didn't think so. I say they should deduct points for Maks mouthing off to the judges. Poor Brandy just wants to win, but she doesn't get my votes. You know who gets my votes? Jennifer Grey, that's who. Yes, she's whiny, and weepy, and constantly on the brink of dropping out with injuries, but at the end of the day, who isn't? I think she's the first person we've seen in all the seasons who is so completely open, authentic, and transparent that I see myself in her. I've said it before - ballroom dancing is a metaphor for life. How you show up on the dance floor is how you show up in life. I get that Bristol Palin is uncomfortable in her own skin and tentative. I get that Kyle, the Disney boy, is filled with joy and exuberance. I get that Brandy's determination to succeed supersedes everything else in her life. And I get that Jennifer is both fragile and a survivor, whose biggest struggle is her internal dialogue, and I see myself in that.

I'm wondering who will get booted off later, and if sleep will bless me tonight, and if my own worries will get the best of me, or if I will prevail, emerging victorious from the voices of doubt. Yes, these are some of the things that make me wonder. Thanks for stopping by and sharing them and your time with me. If anyone knows the answer to the deli meat question, please, leave me a comment.

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