Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Search yearly Oscar blog

It's that day again, second only to Christmas in my family - the Academy Awards. While I still find it shocking that I'm not actually nominated for an Oscar this year, I won't let the temporary disappointment ruin the utter glee I feel in celebrating the art of the motion picture and all who contribute to its creation. Yes, movies provide more than just a chance for a two hour escape, they provide the chance to bear witness to the human experience in all its devastating beauty.

Whether it's the desire for greatness that drives a dancer to madness in Black Swan, or the genius that supersedes the ability to truly connect with fellow human beings in The Social Network, or rising above your family dynamic to achieve your personal best and your own moment of glory in The Fighter, this year's movies take us where we don't ordinarily go on our own - to the depths of our shortcomings and the heights of what is possible when we push ourselves.

So for my money, this year's recipients should come as no great surprise. The King's Speech should covet the best picture, best actor and best director. Natalie Portman should hands down win best actress, and Christian Bale best supporting actor with Melissa Leo taking best supporting actress.

Of course, my moment of greatest personal enjoyment will come when Aaron Sorkin brings home the best adapted screenplay Oscar for The Social Network. It is no secret that he is unequivocally my favorite writer, regardless of genre. I find it nothing short of a miracle that he could pen a movie comprised solely of dialogue and have it reach best picture nomination status. Let's hear it for the smart people!

As for best original song, the category I've envisioned winning since early childhood, I am rooting for my fellow Nashvillians who wrote "Coming Home" from the movie Country Strong.

Well, it's time to slip on my Oscar gown and sparkly baubles. (Or frankly speaking, it's time to go buy the chips and salsa.) Enjoy the Oscars!

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