Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Search of...perseverance

As I watched George Stephanopoulos race Apolo Ohno to the top of the Empire State Building this morning on Good Morning America, a couple of things occurred to me. First, George is in way better shape than I am. And second, perseverance trumps everything from age to athletic prowess.

I can assure you that I mean no disrespect to George when I say this. In fact, it was a lesson in grit and determination to witness someone nearly twice the age of an Olympic gold medalist cross the finish line before him. To be fair, Apolo may have held back or stopped for a bagel and coffee on floor 47, who knows, but I'm going to go with the notion that George won fair and square and in earnest.

This got me thinking...does the best person always succeed or just the one who doesn't give up? Can we accomplish more than we have the natural inclination for simply because we work harder and longer at it? What determines our achievements? Is it how badly we want something, what we're willing to sacrifice to get it...or is it the kind of dogged persistence that defies all rational thinking but somehow says to an ever-listening universe "I will not stop until I achieve this goal." I believe it's the last one.

As I huffed and puffed on the treadmill, newly inspired by George's win over Apolo, I gave some thought to what it is I would be willing to go the extra mile for. With iPod blasting and sweat pouring off me, I felt rejuvenated and inspired, ready to rise one more time than I've fallen, bound and determined to make it to the top of my very own Empire State Building so that breathless and spent, I can enjoy the magnificent view of what it is I've created with sheer perseverance.

Whatever it is that you long for, I wish you the fortitude to see it through so that, together, we can create of world in which all things are truly possible.

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