Thursday, September 25, 2014

a moment's gratitude

Taking a moment to stand in gratitude today for all the love in my life and for life itself -

For friends new and old who never cease to overwhelm me with the gift of their friendship and who always stand as a ready example of kindness, generosity, compassion and support.

For family near and far who are my greatest blessings whether or not we are in constant touch.

For the breathtaking innocence of children and staggering beauty and wisdom of the elderly.

For dreams that are coming true this very moment, and for the multitude of ways that the universe meets me when I practice the courage of following my heart.

For the calm waters and ferocious storms that remind me that life is ebb and flow and never stagnant.

For change when it both excites and scares me.

For a sense of humor, because, really, that sweetens even the most difficult moments.

For anything and everything that ignites passion within. And for anyone and everyone who ignites passion within.

For moments that become precious memories lasting all eternity.

For a new day, another chance, unexpected opportunity, the willingness to grow and transform and become the greatest version of myself.

For having enough awareness to be grateful and happy and always on the lookout for more to be thankful about.

Peace and blessings to all...

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