Monday, March 30, 2009

In Search of...a happy ending

I just finished watching Nights in Rodanthe and (spoiler alert!!!) oh my God, am I depressed! Now for all of you who would tell me that ultimately this movie is uplifting, I'd say, "Are you kidding me?!!"

And I didn't find Slumdog Millionaire to be particularly uplifting like people said it was either. Call me crazy, but any movie in which one of the lead characters is raped and sold is not a "feel good" film no matter how it ends or how cute the dance number is.

Where's my happy ending? You know what I mean. In Pretty Woman Julia Roberts gets to buy a new wardrobe, learns which fork to use, and ends up with the rich handsome guy. Now that's a happy ending! And Baby ends up dancing the night away with Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing. And Annette Benning ends up with the single handsome leader of the free world in The American President. That's the kind of happy ending I'm talking about, the kind that leaves me feeling like anything is possible and that romance is alive.

I can go back to the real world soon enough, but for a few brief shining moments I just want to be swept away in utter bliss. Maybe tomorrow will be the day...

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