Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Search favorite cancelled TV shows

Every time I like a new TV series it's the kiss of death for it. Seriously. Maybe it'll last a full season, maybe not.

Life on Mars is the most recent casualty. When I heard the announcer say not to miss the series finale, I screamed out loud. Last season it was Eli Stone...which miraculously lasted two seasons. And yet Scrubs has managed to survive several seasons and two different networks! I don't get it. (Normally I would be worrying about upsetting all the Scrubs fans out there...but since I've never actually met a Scrubs fan, I'm not sweating it.)

And this is not just a recent trend either. There was a show I adored called That's Life with Ellen Burstyn and Paul Sorvino. And Philly with Kim Delaney and James Denton (when he played a hot judge before he was a hot plumber). Stop me if you've heard of any of these. See...kiss of death.

Right now, in my trusty DVD player I'm about to watch Book of Daniel...which lasted seven episodes before being axed and it never aired in the south (where I live) because they found it morally offensive. If you ask me, we should be finding war and poverty more offensive than a TV show about about a minister who pops a few vicoden and talks to Jesus...but that's just my opinion.

So my point is this - when I make an emotional investment in a show, I need closure. Closure like we had on MASH or The Mary Tyler Moore Show or Happy Days or The West Wing. Closure like ER is nice enough to give us for a whole month now. I want to know that the people I've cared about are going to be okay in their alternate universe. Because if they're not okay in the land of make believe, then how on earth are we going to be okay in reality?

By the way, the only new shows I'm loving are Lie to Me and Castle. We'll see how long they last!

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