Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Search of...a good restaurant in Nashville

This may be a very short blog entry because I had food poisoning last night. And so I'd like to publicly thank The Cheesecake Factory in Nashville, Tennessee for that enjoyable experience.

...which brings me to the restaurants in Nashville as a whole, which for lack of a better vocabulary word, um, suck. On a good day I could tell you that they add cheese and sugar to most things that have no business having cheese or sugar anywhere near them. But this is not a good day.

So let me suffice it to say that I'm down to one, count 'em, one restaurant at which I will still eat and still call good in Nashville...Carrabba's in Green Hills, and that is solely because of the manager/chef, Eric Martino who makes it a quality dining experience. I'd also add Joey's House of Pizza in Brentwood...but they're from Brooklyn, so I'm not sure how that works exactly.

Okay, I said this would be a short blog, and even thinking about food is making me....

Thanks for stopping by. And don't eat out in Nashville.

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  1. yuck! i hope you feel better :( i could write a similar blog, entitled "in search of...a good restaurant in loma linda; and other reasons why i want to move to europe!"