Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Search of...a more profound blog entry

So it's day 3 of my blog and I'm questioning my depth because I want to talk about last night's American Idol. And by the way, thanks for the comment requesting Day 3. I believe they call that a fan base, boys and girls! (Or at least I'm delusional enough to call it a fan base.)

So this season's AI (American Idol) has the best singers vocally that we've seen, but I'm annoyed with the judges who seem to contribute...nothing. As a matter of fact they severely detracted from this season by squandering their wildcard opportunity to bring back some truly great singers (like Danny's best friend) and instead bringing back the pretty girls that Simon liked. So now we, the American public (whom I have renewed faith in since Obama got elected), are left to vote them off again! Didn't we vote them off the first time?!! So that's my gripe and we'll see in several hours who gets the boot this week.

Whew! I needed to get that out! So now that I have, on to more important George Stephanopoulos. My cousin Erik assured me that even though his name doesn't seem to be highlighted in my blog entries, it's counted nonetheless and will raise my Google search standings as I progress. I will believe him, blog expert that he is! So for the sake of raising my stats, here we go again...George Stephanopoulos, George Stephanopoulos, George Stephanopoulos. And just to show that I'm an equal opportunity blogger - Ali Wentworth, Ali Wentworth, Ali Wentworth.

So as far as my book goes, I'm intending for my blog to have the "big announcement" when I do get an offer. While I realize this statement is a little premature, I'm visualizing it as I type this to have The Universe working on my behalf as well.

For those of you who don't know me or the premise of my book, it started around the time that People Magazine listed George Stephanopoulos as one of their most eligible bachelors...which happened to coincide with a string of bad blind dates I was going on. Upon looking at the list of attributes that my potential Mr. Right should possess, I thought...George Stephanopoulos. Why not?!! On paper we seemed to be pretty well suited, more so than the guys I was actually dating. The only real deterrent was that I was in Nashville pursuing a music career and he, uh, didn't know me from a hole in the wall. Minor details when you think about it.

So that's how this journey began...with me looking for a date. Now I'm looking for a date and a book deal.

Until next time...thanks for stopping by. Tell your friends.

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  1. i can't speak to the whole season of american idol, as i sadly have no cable. however, from the one episode i watched at my parents, i couldn't agree more about bringing back danny's best friend! that was just so wrong...