Friday, March 27, 2009

In Search of...the energy to write my blog

Just like the road to hell, my day was paved with good intentions...intentions that included writing an entertaining blog with underlying depth and oodles of creativity.

Somehow though, my few errands took hours and hours and left me dizzy and unable to make the necessary decisions I planned on making whether to switch from Sprint to Verizon and which cell phone to get. And then there are the many minutes do I really use each month, how many people use the same carrier...or do I want to upgrade to where it doesn't matter what everyone else is using...and do I really want to text...or check email...or take pictures...or download music...or get a GPS thingy. It's a dazzling array of overwhelming choices when really I just wanted a phone.

And then there was the bottle of wine I went to buy to bring to an open house on Sunday. But I don't really know these people...or what they like...or if they drink wine at all. So I wandered aimlessly, looking at every bottle in the liquor store, wondering if the people whose house I'm going to strike me as red or white, American or imported, dry or sweet.

So here I am, finally home...with a bottle of wine I've never heard of and some Costco chicken wings I had to buy because the sample tasted so good. (Somehow the chicken wings won out over the matted Obama pictures they had for sale...which is why you should never go shopping when you're hungry.)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. so...did you switch? to Verizon?? I was so enjoying our free sprint-to-sprint calls!