Thursday, May 21, 2009

In Search of...a season finale

I'm starting this blog entry first by telling you that I believe the issues about leaving comments have been addressed and that now anyone and everyone should be able to do it easily. Yay!!! So please feel free to test this out so I can know for sure that we're good now. Hey, it only took me a couple of months!

Now to the more pressing matter at hand - all my TV shows are done for the season. The good news is that reading gets to make a come back as those who are like me turn off their televisions and visit the library again. I love summer reading, especially when I'm not missing Dancing with the Stars or American Idol to do it.

So, in what seemed to me to be a shocker in both cases, Shawn Johnson won Dancing with the Stars and Kris Allen won American Idol. Granted, Shawn was way less of a shock than Kris, her being an Olympic athlete and all, but still weren't we all betting on Gilles and Adam?? I was...which is a good reason I don't gamble much on these types of things. And actually, my bet from the start of Idol was on Danny to win.

Before we all get too sad and weepy for Gilles and Melissa on Dancing, let's just remember that the trophy means...well gosh, it means nothing really. Exposure is everything in Hollywood, and they've both gotten plenty of that, so I think they'll be just fine. Besides, I think that straight women and gay men can all agree that we'd like to see more of Gilles' butt on the screen, and Hollywood never ceases to give the public what they want, so Gilles' work has just begun.

Back to singing. You know I love me my Adam Lambert, so believe me when I say he's going to be just fine. Actually, he's going to be better than fine. I have no idea what the contractual obligations are for any of the American Idol contestants, but I'd have to think that if you win you're more tied up than if you come in second. I think Adam was too big a talent for that show to begin with, but gratefully the show was the vehicle to give him the exposure and opportunity he both needed and deserved. I think Adam will be bigger than Elvis, though his wardrobe last night was somewhere between Queen and Liberace, but that's not the point. The point is that his talent, theatricality, and charisma are a gift from God that he seems to know how to use for maximum impact. And I, for one, cannot wait to see and hear him in concert when he goes solo. (I can't do the AI concert. Have you ever heard thousands of little girls between the ages of 7 and 14 screaming for a few hours straight? I don't have the kind of time it would take to recover.)

And Kris. Here's what I love about Kris. He absolutely knows he's not the best singer. He doesn't dodge it, he doesn't pretend he is, he doesn't even make believe for a minute that he can compete with Adam. But what he is is a great musician and arranger. He's the guy that probably sits around for hours and hours playing any and every song in every genre, and because he's done that, he's comfortable doing just about anything. Not only does he know who he is, but he takes whatever he's doing and makes it his own. And that makes him an artist....which, by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with why he won American Idol. He won American Idol because he's a cute, non-threatening, straight white boy who will never rock the boat and can sing pretty well. He'll have a career, maybe even a good career if he chooses wisely and promotes like hell, but he won't be a Daughtry or an Adam Lambert. I think in five years or ten at the most, we won't remember his name. I'd like to be wrong, by the way because I wish everyone success and I like him just fine, but only time will tell.

And can we just talk about the new single for a minute??? Rivers, mountains, hurricanes...blah, blah, blah. Kara seems like a nice enough person to me, but just once I'd like for the AI single to be something great. The only AI single I even remember is Kelly Clarkson's and that was eight years ago! Come on, people!!

I haven't even gotten to talk about my other favorite shows and their cliffhangers - like Grey's, and the Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters. Grey's totally kept me on the edge of my seat and did a phenomenal job of having a surprise twist at the end with George. I still can't believe it! Does anyone know if it's definite that Izzy and George are not coming back?? I keep hoping that they'll stay because, frankly, I might be done with Grey's if Katherine Heigl is gone. She's the most amazing actress on the show and one of the few characters I have any emotional investment in.

Okay, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters - totally disappointing. No big surprises, no emotional endings. And Kitty, for God's sake, stop whining already!!! Uggghhh!!! If I were Rob Lowe's character, I wouldn't be trying so hard to stay married to her. She's a whiner.

Well, that's my wrap up. Here's hoping next season is a good one for all these shows. I'm off to the library.

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  3. Thank God it's summer and these ridiculous TV Shows are DONE!!!!!

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    And when the hell does football start?!!