Monday, May 18, 2009

In Search of...power

I briefly contemplated prefacing the word "power" in the title of this blog entry with the words "my own." But then I got to thinking it was kind of redundant. Who else's power are we ever really seeking if not our own?

I think it's true that while some people are born leaders and most are followers, we are all born with innate power. Just because the majority of our society doesn't reflect that self awareness doesn't mean that the power doesn't exist, or that it's not innate in each of us. It's just easier not to own it. Powerlessness gets us off the hook for taking responsibility for our lives and the things going on in it. It is soooo much easier to blame fate, circumstances, our ex, or even a vengeful god. It doesn't make any of it true, but it's just a whole lot easier.

It takes courage to look in the mirror and say, "I am where I am because I got myself here." One of the reasons I'm bringing this up today is that I don't think we can get ourselves out of the various messes we're in as a nation and a planet without getting ourselves out of our own individual messes. There is no amount of prayer that can take the place of personal accountability, and much as we'd like it to be so, no one is going to come along and save us unless we first save ourselves.

So today I suggest we take stock of our lives - the places we are doing well and the places we fall short. And even if we can't see how we're going to rectify our finances, or our relationships, or whatever it is we need to, at least if we're willing to name it, take responsibility for it, and know that we must change direction from the course we've been on, then I believe the necessary actions will unfold.

We are all born with unlimited power, potential, and possibilities. There is nothing that we cannot accomplish if we so choose. It's time for us all to remember that. The world can't wait any longer. Now is the only time there is.

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  1. Beautiful insight. I can personally attest that making right choices brings good things and that making wrong choices (or abusing my power of choice) brings things my way that are not good. Truly profound, simple, direct. There's not a whole lot of mystery or subterfuge to work with there, except for the uncanny tendency to see that the forest is made up of individual trees (decision points) in life.

    Keep writing, and don't stop believing. (There's a hook)