Friday, April 3, 2009

In Search of...a day off

So before I begin my actual blog, I thought I'd let you know (oh faithful readers of mine) that I won't be blogging tomorrow. Like God, (and I don't really liken myself to Him often enough) I am resting on the 7th day. Yes, I am beholding my past week's blogs and saying, "They are very good." Now I need a day off!

On another, completely different note, ER did not disappoint last night. That's all I'm gonna say...even though I would've liked more Clooney than just in the retrospective, but hey, we could always use some more George Clooney, that's what I say!

Now lastly, I am going to give you all a sneak peek at In Search of George Stephanopoulos by revealing the first page of the book. Take a gander below...

This Is So Not How I Envisioned This Moment

New York City, 2005

I squinted my way onto Lexington Avenue. The rain was coming down sideways, rendering my umbrella completely useless. Having just been subjected to one of life’s many cruelties, selecting my first pair of reading glasses, I reached for my cell phone, but there were no little bars in the battery icon. “Damn,” I muttered to myself as I shut the phone off to save what increment of usage I had remaining. I headed cross town to meet friends, getting more and more drenched with each soggy step.

When I got to 51st Street and Broadway about twenty minutes later, I turned my phone back on and it beeped to inform me that I had a new voice mail.

“You have one new message,” the automated voice informed me when I dialed in to retrieve the message, “from phone number 202…” It wasn’t a familiar number, and it took me a second to realize where the area code was from…Washington, D.C.

“Oh my God!” I shrieked in the middle of 51st Street, (and only in New York would that not garner even a second glance). My heart began racing furiously as it dawned on me that I didn’t know anyone who could be calling me from Washington, D.C…except George Stephanopoulos!

Just like that I went from feeling old and single to…well, okay, so I’m still old and single, but hey, George Stephanopoulos called me! And actually, it wasn’t “just like that.”

So there I stood, frozen in time, listening to a very familiar voice say, “Hey Ilene, it’s George Stephanopoulos…”

See, now don't you want me to have a book deal???? Don't you want to know what happened???

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