Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Search of...a way not to panic about swine flu

I'm really good at worrying. Call it an over active imagination. Call it being impressionable. Call it genetic...I'm a worrier. So when I'm about to travel to California and Texas by plane and there's a health scare like swine flu, I wonder what I should do, not only to keep the actual flu at bay, but to keep my fears in check. I don't know if my good buddy George Stephanopoulos (total over exaggeration) has this issue, world traveler that he is, but I sure do.

Now before one of you is persevering enough to leave an actual comment on my blog (and I am aware that there are still some technical snafus in trying to do this), let me start off by saying that, even without the threat of a pandemic, I always do Airborne and Zicam before flying. And I try not to use the restrooms on planes or touch anything. And I definitely make it a point not to touch my face at all. Just call me Howie Mandel, but when it comes to flying I'm a little paranoid. (I've gotten sick after flying too many times to count.)

So here I am, with something actually legitimate to worry about, having just added "masks" to my shopping list for today. I'm also thinking about buying some flu medicine...just in case. God knows, I don't want to be the first U.S. fatality.

Now before all of my "law of attraction" friends start telling me that I'm going to bring it on myself, let me just say that I frequently subscribe to the superstition that "if I bring an umbrella, it won't rain," and consequently think that if I get all this stuff, nothing will happen.

Of course, I could cancel my travels altogether, but even I like to gamble every once in a while, so why not do it with something significant...like my life, for instance? Yup, I'm going all in on this one.

So blogging might be sporadic for the next ten days or so. Hopefully it will just be because I'm busy...and not due to swine flu.

Stay safe in your own travels, and thanks for stopping by. Please tell your friends.

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