Sunday, April 12, 2009

In Search of...people who show up

So it's Sunday, and if it's Sunday it must be politics day on my blog.

I'd like to start by wishing Pastor Rick Warren a speedy recovery from what must be an extreme case of exhaustion...which prevented him from his scheduled appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

This purpose driven pastor must have been really, really tired because I noticed that millions of people and the bitter elements couldn't keep him away from President Obama's inauguration. So today he must be truly tuckered out.

I know his cancellation on George Stephanopoulos's show couldn't possibly be because he didn't want to talk about gay marriage. Nope. He's a pastor, for goodness sake. He'd never dodge the tough questions.

So there sat George Stephanopoulos, adeptly switching gears to the other pertinent topics of the day - pirates, a new Presidential puppy, and the economy. I, even I, have to shake my head at this combination of craziness. Pirates??!!! And just to show that I've really gone off the deep end, when did I start agreeing with Newt Gingrich on anything?

But Pastor Rick didn't show, so what were we to do but discuss the political ramifications of President Obama getting a pure bred dog instead of a pound puppy - even if it did come from the same breeder Ted Kennedy's dog came from. Oh, the potential fall out!

And let's get back to pirates because the word makes me giggle even though the situation is dire for the captive captain. Couldn't we update the term with something clever, like the previous administration was so fond of doing? Couldn't we call them, for instance, "oceanic terrorists?" Pirates make me think of Captain Hook or Johnny Depp, and there's always a gold earring involved, which somehow detracts from the menacing demeanor they're trying to portray. Plus, there's the word "scurvy" which I associate with pirates, and frankly, it's grossing me out.

So while we're all in a prayerful mood this Easter and Passover, let's all pray that the captain gets home safely and is surrounded by multitudes of angels protecting him.

Back to politics. The economy. The President is receiving lots of criticism for asking for money to bail us out. Seems to me I've heard this song before, and just because I'm a betting kind of gal lately, I'd like to wager that every critical voice is coming from someone who has a job, a roof over his or her head, health insurance, and food to eat - Democrat or Republican. I know, I'm a crazy gambler that way, but that's what I'm bettin'. So to all of you negative Nellies out there I'd like to say this - SSSSHHHHHH! Sit down and be quiet - unless you've got a better plan. A specific plan. A well thought out and ready-to-be-executed plan. No really. Haven't got one? Then I repeat - SSSSHHHH!!!

And Pastor Rick, in the future, I pray that you become a more honorable man and show up when you commit to doing so.

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